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IT Infrastructure monitoring:

bul monitoring of servers and other network devices of IT infrastructure in 24x7;
bul announced IT-staff and customers about events of risk of accidents;
bul automated management of applications and services;
bul maintain optimum operation of equipment and prevent its failures;
bul announced IT-operators about completed or uncompleted tasks;

Announced about the problems we get from the monitoring system in real time, and often prevents the occurrence of emergencies to the client learns of their existence. This solution reduces operating costs and minimizes interruptions in the functioning of the IT infrastructure.

Fast response and troubleshooting the IT systems:

bul purchase and replacement of faulty equipment;
bul analysis and troubleshooting;
bul availability of permanent technical support by phone or remote connection;

Analysis and Troubleshooting is performed within 3 hours from notification. If possible, troubleshooting remotely, to reduce response time.

User support:

bul preparation, setup and configuration of equipment;
bul holding consultations of users about hardware and software;
bul transfer and connection of workplaces;
bul replacement of consumables peripheral equipment (printers, copiers);
bul troubleshooting problems, recommendations how to avoid crashes of the system;
bul cleaning system from viruses;
bul backup and restore data;

Often, problems can be solved by remote access. This form of work allows you to minimize the time to assist.

Keeping IT infrastructure up to day:

bul upgrades of servers and network equipment;
bul firmware updates;
bul periodical inspection of servers hardware states;
bul analysis of system logs, tracking errors in the server software;
bul licenses management;
bul software audit;

Network and network equipment maintenance:

bul maintenance of server hardware, storage and backup systems;
bul network equipment configuration;
bul configuration and maintenance of network peripherals;
bul maintenance of computer systems and networks;
bul repair of faulty equipment;
bul remote server administration;

Information Security:

bul detection and suppression of threats, prevention of subsequent threats;
bul providing the necessary software to protect your network and storage with the private data;
bul recommendations to protect / encrypt any confidential information;
bul troubleshooting servers and networking equipment for vulnerabilities;
bul monitoring of web-traffic;